Social Media

All right, so you think social media is just some buzzword. But let’s get some facts straight and get the ball rolling on social media:

  • Nearly half the planet is on social media.
    Yes, 3.5 billion people use social media everyday
  • An average user spends nearly 3 hours on social media everyday
  • 73% marketers feel social media has been effective for their business
  • 91% social media users access social networking sites via mobile phones.

You need not be an Einstein to realize the importance of social media. The bottom line – It’s not the question of why social media, it’s the question of when, how and where to begin?

We’d say look no further. Right here. Right now! With Punk Lemon. We help you to not only play the game called social media but to master it with the right craft, tools, strategy and content. Here’s a peek at what we’ve done for some of our clients … 

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