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When life gives you lemons, bake a lil’ something! (Vegan Special)

I’ve brought to you today a very healthy vegan version of a much loved lemon dessert … Lemon bars!

Lately I’ve been more aware of what I put into my body and so I’m always in search of healthier recipes with a lot less sugar or animal products in general.

But let’s get real, even the ones with less of a sweet tooth craves some sugary goodness every once in a while so without any further adieu, let’s get into the recipe. Happy Baking!

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Lemon Garlic Pasta

If you need a quick and easy meal to prepare after a long day at the office, that’s both satisfying and refreshing, but light and tasty, try this Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta. It only takes 15mins to prepare and serves 4!

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RECIPE: Chilled Lemon Souffle

This sweet, citrusy perfect-for-summer soufflé was a hit at Punk Lemon’s first birthday party! And we thought it would be great to share the secret recipe with you 🙂

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer or an artist you can experience a creative block at any time. Here are 4 ways you can get those creative juices flowing.

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Arriving in India for the first time, I was offered a ‘masala lemonade’.  What an odd combination of spicy, bitter and sweet, I thought, something I had never seen before in Europe, but somehow upon tasting, worked.

I perused life in India in that first ever week how one may observe a kids science experiment – intrigued at all the colours, smells and sounds, but warily keeping a safe distance!

Temples sang, rickshaws buzzed, sari’s swirled.

My heart began to crack open.

As my time developed, I remembered back to that lemonade, and I realised that the vast array of life on show here in India, is directly reminiscent of that drink combination, and the reality for each one of us, sweet… and spicy.


Being a woman can mean a lot of things. Unfortunately sometimes society decides that for us and that’s why here are 5 reminders we all need!

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Spicy Susegado!

Everyone needs a good handy feni cocktail recipe! And why not? Goa’s most famous local intoxicant is quite the refresher. We prefer the coconut (palm) version to cashew though. Take a peek at the recipe we’ve concocted at Punk Lemon headquarters … You’ll know why 😉

Basil Leaves- 2 leaves
Lemon Grass- 2 pcs
Jalapeños – 1 -2
Chenin Blanc or any similar handsome white – 120
Coconut Feni- 30ml
Lime Juice- 1/2 a lime
Mint (Optional)

Muddle the basil, lemon grass & jalapeños in a mixing bowl.
Add the lime juice and wine. Shake well! Mix & chill. Strain into a glass. Toss in a few mint leaves if you fancy!


Nestled in along the Chapora River estuary in North Goa, is the coastal village of Chapora.

Home to many cheap travel accommodations and the famous Ganesh juice centre, Chapora has a few charms up its sleeve for day tripping.

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3 NY resolutions you’ll actually keep

Keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions can be a b*T#h, but these goals are actually achievable!


Instead of “losing weight” …

1. Serving something green with every meal.

It’s much easier to add something nutritious to your plate than it is to restrict what you eat.


Instead of “spend more time with family & friends” …

2. Get in touch with an old friend.

Start off the year by calling or email an old friend to let them know you’re thinking of them.


Instead of “get organised” …

3. Buy a planner.

Get yourself a good old-fashioned planner, it will help you keep all your ducks in a row.

The ‘Colour of the Year’ is here!

‘Living Coral’, has been chosen as colour of the year by Pantone!

This vibrant tone is set to dominate the design world, tech and more! Chosen for its “animating and life-affirming” hue which “energizes with a softer edge” as stated on the official website, this winner evokes the beauty and fragility of marine life, it’s a subtle reminder that coral thrives when in a healthy environment.

Living Coral feels like that fresh hue we’ve been waiting for to kick off the new year. It works well in design, your home AND wardrobe too!

We, at Punk Lemon are loving it already. 😀