Dealing with clients and managing their expectations can often be frustrating during the design process. A Client typically won’t tell you what they want. But it’s often up to you to read their minds and fix their problems with your design expertise while balancing creative control with their needs.

In this article we’ll dive into deciphering clients, and reveal what it is they all really want!

The most common and easily understandable point can be referred to as “needs” and are directly related to design. A genuine willingness to understand the client’s desires goes a long way. It’s about fulfilling their brief in a way that’s appropriate to their brand.

Many clients also like to feel like a part of the creative process, rather than just handing out a brief and waiting for the solution. It can be illuminating and exciting, and it helps them to understand if costs escalate or if deadlines are pushed back.

You are being hired for your expertise in the field. Gather as much information as you can about the brief, but remember that you’re there to provide solutions. This is a brilliant opportunity to ask questions and to really get to the heart of what your client wants.

Most clients want reassurance that their investment in design will be worth it. This is especially true if they are unfamiliar with how much design work usually costs. Itemise and explain everything you can, and never let them think that you’re pulling the wool over their eyes.

Sometimes, the problem your client is experiencing has almost nothing at all to do with design. It goes without saying that any client wants a brilliant creative. But they also want patience, understanding, time management and professionalism from you, even in the wake of multiple waves of tiny, fiddly amendments to the design.